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The Feline Advisory Bureau aim to promote the highest possible standards of cat boarding and care


Only good quality recognized brands are fed, offering a wide variety of both wet & dry foods. In addition fresh fish & chicken is cooked daily & fed with tuna & pilchards at no extra cost.

Cattery KitchensCats are usually fed twice daily but in the case of the elderly & kittens we feed up to 4 times a day. If however your cat has a particular dietary problem then we will feed according to their individual needs.

Should your cat require a prescription diet then you are welcome to supply the food so that continuity is assured. Many owners supply prescription food which is fed along side fresh fish or chicken.


Only cats fully immunized against Feline Enteritis & Upper Respiratory Infection (cat flu), are allowed in the cattery. Up to date vaccination certificates must be produced. Annual boosters must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

All cats are fully insured whilst boarding & it is the policy of Happy Cat that if a cat is suspected of being unwell, they will be taken immediately to the vet. Owners can rest assured that there will be no delay in this procedure & unless a pre-existing condition, the vet bill will be the responsibility of Happy Cat. It is not the policy of Happy Cat to isolate & observe first, as only a fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon has the experience & equipment to make a full diagnosis. If deemed necessary the cat would stay in the Veterinary Clinic until such a time that the Vet considers them fit & healthy to return to the cattery. This is for the well being of both the cat in question & the remaining ‘residents’.

Platforms for cats that are no so nimbleNo Discrimination

Happy Cat does not ‘discriminate’. We will happily accommodate the elderly, the disabled, & the diabetic cats. Their individual needs & requirements will be catered for & any additional facilities will, wherever possible, be met.

Intdoor platforms