Happy Cat Boarding Cattery

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The Feline Advisory Bureau aim to promote the highest possible standards of cat boarding and care


The 39 chalets purpose built to FAB standards have thermostatically controlled central heating warming the whole chalet rather than just the bed area. In addition gel pads are available on request for those who either feel the cold or who are old & arthritic.

Happy Cat ChaletEach chalet has a window with a shelf under to allow the less adventurous to perch & look out over the gardens. Access to the individual run is through a cat flap which is left permanently open in the warmer months & during the day of the colder months. The run itself either overlooks the gardens, fields, or stables adding interest & stimulation whilst at the same time providing a tranquil environment for your cat to relax in. The run has a scratching post & shelf along with a tiered shelving unit allowing a range of levels for your cat to perch on. From the run the cats can see each other but not have physical contact. These outdoor runs maximise the outdoor environment ensuring plenty of fresh air thus minimising the risk of infection.

Happy Cat Boarding Cattery Huddersfield34 chalets house up to 2 cats from the same home, & 5 chalets house up to 4 cats making a total capacity of 88 cats.

A recent addition to Happy Cat is the 6 purpose built holding bays. These are used for temporary accommodation in unforeseen circumstances, for example flight delays etc. This allows the cat to have warm comfortable accommodation whilst waiting for a chalet to be vacated & disinfected. Each one has its own thermostatically controlled central heating, light, shelf, scratching post, & bed, litter tray, food & water. The unit has a double door entry for safety, & a play pen area housing a climbing frame, seat & scratching post.

Both the chalets & holding pens follow the same stringent disinfecting procedure. We use a ‘cat friendly’ disinfectant & all beds, litter trays etc. are thoroughly bleached after each cat’s stay.