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Small animal run
Small animal runs

Small animal grooming »

Due to popular demand we also board small animals, for example rabbits & guinea pigs.


We have six runs situated in the gardens of the cattery giving your pet the opportunity of enjoying the sunshine but with the benefit of shade from the trees. Five of the runs will comfortably house 2 small animals whilst one would house three or four small animals from the same family. They each have an enclosed area for sleeping and a run to play in. During the day they can also be transferred to a run on the grass for a couple of hours if required. 

During the colder months the hutches are moved inside to the barn for added protection from the elements.


All hay, fruit and vegetables are supplied but we would ask you to bring in their usual dry food in order to keep continuity. Hay is generally fed ad lib with a choice of fruit and vegetables fed twice daily along with their dry food. Water is available either in water bottles or dishes. 


We use newspaper as a base with shavings or straw on top. If you prefer to use your own bedding then please bring this with you, informing us at time of booking.

We follow the strict hygiene policy as in the cattery. Hutches are cleaned daily and thoroughly disinfected between stays.


Your pet can be booked into the on-site grooming parlour for a pamper by our qualified groomer during their stay at Happy Cat. Please arrange this at time of booking.

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All rabbits are required to be vaccinated against Myxomatosis & Viral Haemorragic Disease. In date vaccination certificates must be produced. Please note that they must be valid for duration of stay. These will then be kept whilst boarding. Failure to produce the relevant proof of vaccination will result in refusal of admission. The full boarding charge will still apply as the pen would have been reserved for your rabbit.



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