Only cats fully immunized against Feline Enteritis & Upper Respiratory Infection (cat flu), are allowed to board in the cattery. The Leukemia vaccination is not compulsory but advisable. Annual boosters must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

Vaccination certificates

In date vaccination certificates must be produced. Please note that they must be valid for the duration of stay. These will then be kept with the cat whilst boarding. Failure to produce the relevant proof of vaccination will result in refusal of admission to the cattery. The full boarding charge will still apply as the chalet would have been reserved for your cat.

No cat suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infection or contagious disease will be accepted.

It is the policy of Happy Cat that if a cat is suspected of being unwell during their stay, they will be taken immediately to the vet. Owners can rest assured that there will be no delay in this procedure.

It is not the policy of Happy Cat to isolate & observe first, as only a fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon has the experience & equipment to make a full diagnosis. If deemed necessary the cat would stay in the Veterinary Clinic until such a time that the Vet considers them fit & healthy to return to the cattery. This is for the well being of both the cat in question & the remaining ‘residents’.

Male un-neutered cats over 6 months cannot be boarded.

Veterinary consultation

On arrival at the cattery all owners are required to sign a consent form regarding consultation from the cattery Veterinary Surgeon, administering medication, and treatment of fleas or worms.

Cats do not have to be treated for fleas or worms prior to boarding, but at time of admission owners are asked if they have been. We would ask the date and name of the last treatment given. If your cat shows signs of either fleas or worms whilst boarding and has not been treated prior to boarding then we will administer the appropriate treatment as advised by our Vet, at a cost to the owner. If your cat shows signs and has been treated prior to boarding, depending on severity, we would have to isolate in order to protect other residents, at an additional cost. 


We will administer medication as requested by the owner. A consent form will be signed giving the relevant information and permission. There is no additional cost for the administering of medication during normal cattery hours. However there will be a small charge for any medication given outside these hours. Please call to discuss this prior to booking.

We board diabetic cats and administer insulin injections when required, again a consent form is to be signed. Owners must accept that it is possible for the cat’s blood glucose level to fluctuate in a different environment and as such the insulin dosage may have to be addressed. This would be on the advice of a Veterinary Surgeon. There is no additional cost for diabetic cats. However there will be a small charge for any medication given outside normal cattery hours. Please call to discuss this prior to booking.


Cone cat!

No Discrimination

Happy Cat does not ‘discriminate’. We will happily accommodate the elderly, and disabled cats. Their individual needs & requirements will be catered for & any additional facilities will, wherever possible, be met. We have a ‘disabled unit’ that replaces the usual tiered shelving in the chalet, to allow the less agile cats access to ‘perch’ and look out of the window.



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