Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour Terms & Conditions

1.No animal suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infection or disease can be accepted.           

2.All cats must be transported to the grooming parlour in a recommended pet carry box or basket. 

3. Any cat boarding that is booked into the grooming parlour will be moved from the cattery to the grooming parlour in their own carry box.

4.All dogs must be on the lead.

5.Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour reserves the right to refuse admission to the grooming parlour.

6.Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour reserves the right to refuse to groom any pet for the safety of the groomer and cat / dog. The owner agrees to inform the groomer prior to grooming if the animal has any aggressive tendencies.The owner understands they will be held liable for all bites / scratches caused by their animal.

7.Any animal in a severely matted condition, that the removal of matts by normal grooming methods would cause severe discomfort, pain or stress, will be shaved with the appropriate clipper for the job. You will be advised before we start.

8.In the event of matted fur needing a clip down, the owner should be aware that this can cause skin irritation or skin nicks from the close shaving process. Due to matts sometimes being tight to the skin, the animal’s skin may get caught because of the close proximity of working to the skin. The owner agrees that Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour shall not be held liable for any after grooming affects of matt clipping procedures or problems uncovered on a badly neglected coat. The owner agrees to pay all costs for the grooming of the animal including de-matting, whether or not the groomer is able to complete the job.

9.During the grooming process all care is taken to ensure the health & safety of your pet, however as animals are prone to sudden movement, when using sharp scissors or clippers there is always a possibility that your animal could get ‘nicked’. In this unlikely event you do not hold Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour in any way.

10.In the sad event that your animal becomes ill or injures himself in any way, Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour not responsible. Whilst every care & precaution is taken, responsibility can only be taken at owner’s risk.

11.The grooming of elderly animals is undertaken entirely at owner’s risk.

12.Every effort will be made to groom your animal to meet your expectations. It must be made clear however that no guarantee can be made in this regard, and Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour accepts no responsibility for the groom being carried out according to instructions, but not to your visual expectations. Records are kept in order to track progress but it may take several grooming sessions to achieve the desired style.

13.It is the responsibility of the owner to inspect the animal prior to leaving the parlour in order to confirm that the animal has been groomed satisfactory and has not suffered injury.

14.We will examine your animal for lumps or bumps during the grooming session. If anything untoward is discovered you will be notified by the groomer, but it is your responsibility to consult your Veterinary Surgeon for professional advice.

15.Happy Cat & Dog Grooming Parlour not liable for any pre-existing conditions or problems found during grooming. Any advice should be checked out by a Veterinary Surgeon.


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