Only top quality recognized brands are fed, offering a wide variety of both wet & dry foods. In addition fresh fish & chicken is cooked daily & fed with tuna & pilchards at no extra cost.

Food; only top quality recognized brands are fedThe fresh fish and chicken is purchased from Nature’s Menu and of human grade from British meat suppliers, prepared to the highest standards, ethically sourced, and free range where possible. Nature’s Menu is registered DEFRA approved, and supports the ‘Five Freedoms’ concept endorsed by the Animal Welfare Council (DEFRA only allows a company to legally trade prepared raw diets if they are free from bacteria such as salmonella).

Customers are able to choose the food that their cat is to be given. This can be either a combination of biscuits, fresh or processed, or just one of the choices.

Kitchen scales & bowlsWe supply all feed dishes and water bowls which are changed daily. For multiple cats that are to have biscuits available at all times 1 dish of biscuits per cat is given e.g. 3 cats in a chalet = 3 dishes of biscuits. This is to help stop one cat monopolising the food and possibly over ‘indulging’ whilst the second cat goes hungry. We are also able to feed multiple cats separately by feeding one in the chalet and one in the run. It is important to remember however that it is only possible to separate the cats for a short period of time. You, as the owner, would advise us as to whether the food that has not been eaten is to removed or if the cats are to be fed together after having the opportunity to eat separately for a time.

Certain prescription foods are available at Happy Cat, but any that we do not stock we would ask you to bring in to ensure continuity of diet. We would discuss this with you at time of booking. Many owners supply the prescription food which is fed along side the fresh food.

Cats are normally fed twice daily but in the case of the elderly cats and kittens we feed up to 4 times a day. If your cat has specific dietary requirements we will feed according to their individual needs wherever possible. This we will discuss at time of booking.

Happy Cat is very aware of the apparent ‘epidemic’ of obese cats which result in the need for drastic action in the form of controlled portions of a very specific weight management diet. Generally this is in the form of a measured amount of food fed several times a day - little and often. We are very happy to work along side both you as the owner and the veterinary surgeon who is advising you. 

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