34 chalets house up to 2 cats from the same home, & 5 chalets house up to 4 cats making a total capacity of 88 cats.

The family chalets allow multiple cats from the same home to share accommodation without the need to be separated and therefore becoming stressed. We also use the family chalets (if the bookings allow) to board two cats together who perhaps require more room for ‘personal space’ until such time when they are comfortable with each other. 

Cat boarding chalet



Although we provide beds, litter trays, scratching posts, toys, feed and water dishes, you are welcome to bring in any bedding, scratching posts and toys that may help your cat to settle in more quickly.


Disabled chalet

Chalet with extra tiered units for the elderly or less mobile cats.

IndoorsDisabled chalet - exterior


Holding bays

Holding bays

In addition to the mainstream chalets we have 6 purpose built holding bays. These are used for temporary accommodation either in unforeseen circumstances, for example flight delays etc. or whilst waiting for the chalet to be vacated & disinfected. This allows the cat to have warm comfortable accommodation whilst waiting for a chalet to be vacated & disinfected.

Each one has its own thermostatically controlled central heating, light, shelf, scratching post, & bed, litter tray, food & water. The unit has a double door entry for safety, & a play pen area housing a climbing frame, seat & scratching post.


Cattery customers can benefit from a 10% discount to all cats groomed during their stay

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The Feline Advisory BureauThe Feline Advisory Bureau aim to promote the highest possible standards of cat boarding and care